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Moving the Arts Foward from Stephanie Riven

In a blog post found on Americans for the Arts ARTSblog, Stephanie Riven, a consultant for David Bury & Associates discussed “a need for bold ideas and creative leadership in shaping a new vision to move the arts and arts education forward.”

In the three months she spent at the Harvard Graduate School of Education/Arts in Education Program as a visiting practitioner, Riven walked away inspired and pointed out three takeaways among many that may inspire you.

The third point Riven mentioned in her post was shared art experiences. Shared art experiences is a concept that is taking off with tremendous success and the depth of the relationships are inspiring.  Two examples Riven mentioned are the Virtual Choir and the Inside Out Project.  Both projects have received unprecedented participation and a hefty amount of exposure. Projects like these are unique and encourage a lengthy list of other innovative ideas sure to advance the arts and arts education.  Take a moment to check these inspirational creative efforts out – you will NOT be disappointed!  Their innovation may even encourage you to think about collaboration in a whole new way…

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

The Inside Out Project
by JR, TED Prize, and You

To read Stephanie Riven’s post in its entirety and to learn more about the projects you saw click here.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world” School Mosaic Mural Makeover!

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David Brearley Middle School is housed on the second floor of David Brearley High School located in Kenilworth, NJ.  Although they have their very own mascot, the middle school lacks identity.  The Art Teacher, Janice Marsili decided to write an AIE grant to energize the Middle School 2nd floor with personality and distinction.  “The whole idea was to create an identity for the middle school,” Marsili explained to Leslie Murray of the Cranford Chronicle.

Thanks to Ms. Marsili’s efforts – the grant funded an artist in residence from Arts Horizons, Julie Deery, middle school and high school students, and David Brearley teachers created a 68′ long mosaic mural to be the new face of the Middle School.  The mural is “an artistic interpretation of the journey from childhood to young adulthood that student’s take as they move through the middle school,” said Murray.

Using a strategic artistic approach, the David Brearley community transformed what was just an upper level floor in a high school to an identity space of beautiful art.  Using crash glass, tiles,  fired ceramic and paint, an idea was bought to life.  The project’s theme was based on  Mahatma Gandhi quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world” and is also featured in the mural.  The mural and its theme is a great way to inspire the students as they walk the hall each day.

We at Arts Horizons would like to congratulate the mural team at David Brearley on their creativity and teamwork in the mural completion.  If you would like to read more about this project and its process, please click here for an article found on written by Leslie Murray.

Tea House Quilt debuts at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Arts Horizons teaching artist, Michele Brody’s Tea House Quilt recently debuted in New York. On April 30th and May 1st, the quilt was  displayed at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens during the Garden’s Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

Honorably, the Garden celebrated spring and Japanese culture in remembrance of the victims who were involved in the earthquake and tsunami. Brody was thrilled to join the celebration.

Tea House Quilt is an interactive installation and Brody invited all to contribute . Many visited Tea House Quilt at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens last Saturday and Sunday to share their reflections and added their tea stories.

The Tea Quilt is making its way to Virginia. It will be featured in a show titled, Pulp Fiction, in Portsmouth.

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For a bio and more on Michele Brody visit:

Kerry Washington & Kevin Spacey sound off on the importance of the Arts

Kerry Washington, noted actress and this year’s co-chair of the National Arts Advocacy Day, sat down with Graham Dunstan of Americans for the Arts. With Dunstan, Washington discussed her experiences with the arts while growing up in New York City.  She also spoke of her approach to acting as a social scientist as well as cultural diplomacy and the importance of  public funding for the arts.

Joining Washington as a celebrity supporter of the arts was actor Kevin Spacey. Intending to spark conversation about public policy and social issues affecting the arts, Spacey delivered the 24th Annual Nancy Hanks Lecture.  Following the lecture, Spacey spoke with Ben Burdick of Americans for the Arts.  Briefly he spoke of an upcoming debut for a new project and touched on the most important reason to fund arts education.

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