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AH Teaching Artist Wins Governor’s Award

Congratulations Arts Horizons Teaching Artist Kit Sailer on winning the NJ Governor’s Award in Arts Education!

Kit Sailer, Winner of Governor’s Award in Arts Education
By Summer Dawn Hortillosa

Jersey City’s Kit Sailer is many things – a carpenter, an educator, a fine artist, and most recently, a winner of the Governor’s Award in Arts Education for her work as a teaching artist.

As a fine artist, the 55-year-old works in periods.

She spent a decade painting, drawing and making prints of sea creatures – everything from seahorses and sea lilies to her favorite, octopuses. Then, after Sailer painted an oil landscape in preparation to teach a class on the medium, she got hooked and has been painting farms, fields and mountains for the past five years. Sailer’s work is a study of natural forms and rhythms.

“I’m very interested in the natural form, the patterns that the natural forms create and movement,” said the Syracuse University graduate. “I love moving, rolling and dramatic compositions like the trees, the farmland and then the fields that are flat and facing south – there’s a pattern and you can see how the land is used impacts the terrain.”

Read more: Jersey City Independent – Kit Sailer, Winner of Governor’s Award in Arts Education


Celebrating Our Teaching Artist During Teaching Artist Appreciation Week 2012

The Association of Teaching Artist (ATA) declared last week  National Teaching Artist Appreciation Week, “a week to pay tribute to Teaching Artists, to honor local Teaching Artists and acknowledge the crucial role Teaching Artists play in making sure every student receives a quality education” [SOURCE]. We would like to join the celebration and thank our Arts Horizons’ Teaching Artist for being an inspiration and impacting so many lives.

Arts Horizons has a roster of over 200 dedicated professional musicians, visual artist, actors, dancers, poets, and new media artists. Since 1978, our artists have successfully brought the arts to over seven million learners through residencies, professional development, assemblies, and other projects. We appreciate our Teaching Artist for  sharing our vision to transform lives through the power of the arts.

“Thank You”
– Arts Horizons Staff

Director of  Special Populations and NYC Residencies Dena Malarek had this to say about the special celebration and the artists she works closely with on a daily basis:

During National Teaching Artist Appreciation Week, I extend my gratitude to the energy, spirit, and ongoing supply of new ideas and inspiration that emerges from every one of our teaching artists.  Every day, I recognize the exciting opportunities that you bring to our students, educators and communities.  Teaching artists give students a chance to discover and showcase true talents, in a school structure that may not give them a chance to do so.  Beyond the work you do, I have become inspired by all of your ideas and projects and have happily carried this into my own creative works.  Thank you.

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Dwight Morrow High School Wins Big at Music Festival

We would like to congratulate our intern Kenta Watanabe and Dwight Morrow High School & Academies for doing so well at the WorldStrides Heritage Musical Festival!

Kenta shares his experience below:

“My school, Dwight Morrow & Academies @ Englewood recently participated in the WorldStrides Heritage Music Festival that took place in Williamsburg, Virginia where members of the String Ensemble, Jazz Band and Select Vocal Ensemble performed.  We  spent so much time preparing to deliver polished performances with the  goal of receiving the  “Superior” title for all three groups.

Our performances took place at two different locations; Vocal Ensemble sang at Kimball Theatre in Colonial Williamsburg while the other two groups performed at Heritage High School in Newport News.  After 15 minutes of performing, each group received comments and advice from one of the judges.

The day after the performances, the award ceremony took place at Busch Gardens, an amusement park in Virginia.  Every performer gathered at the Globe Theater to wait for the ceremony to start.  As a result of our hard work, our Vocal Ensemble received “Silver” (Excellent), and the String Ensemble and Jazz Band received “Gold” (Superior).  I thought this was it but, it wasn’t!  We heard the Master of Ceremonies calling our school for additional awards and trophies.  In the end, we proudly collected 5 trophies, 3 individual awards which were given to only 6 performers in total and a certificate for excellent performance of String Ensemble.  We all couldn’t believe that we  swept most of the awards on our first trial.  It was such an overwhelming and exciting experience in my senior year of high school.”

Congratulations again Kenta and to the Dwight Morrow students for an amazing display of creativity and passion for music!  Keep up the good work…


The Museum of Interesting Things Partners with Applebee’s

We would like to congratulate Arts Horizons assembly group Denny Daniels and The Museum of Interesting Things on their new partnership with Applebee’s.

This new partnership allows schools to take their students on an educational field trip to Applebee’s in Manhattan for lunch and an unique Museum of Interesting Things exhibition.  For more information about this field trip opportunity, please visit The Museum of Interesting Things website.

If you can’t take your students out, Arts Horizons will bring the Museum to you.  If you are interested in booking the Museum of Interesting Things for your school please email Melissa at or call (201) 567-1766.

Arts Horizons LeRoy Neiman Art Center Host Art Splash Fundraising Event

AH Artist Releases New Album

Current Arts Horizons Assembly & Teaching Artist Yako 440 and former Arts Horizons artist Baba Israel teamed up for yet another album. The pair describes High Degree [EP], their second album together as eight tracks of  “Soulful Boom Bap Hip Hop for all ages.”

Yako not only performs Hip Hop Connections and Sonic Boom – The ReMix in schools across the tri-state area but also teaches related residences. If your interested to listen to the music Yako produces with Baba Israel when he is not performing or teaching in schools, use the link below. Enjoy!

After you have previewed the album, come back here and tell is which song is your favorite.

Listen and/or download Highest Degree [EP]:

If you would like to book Hip Hop Connections, Sonic Boom – The Remix or discuss planning a residency for your school call us 201-567-1766 or email us at

See it before you book it! Sonic Boom – The ReMix will be performing at bergenPAC for their Kidz Cabaret on Sunday, May 20th. Click here to purchase tickets.

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