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The Arts Horizons Creative Special Education Program

Arts Horizons is pleased to announce our 2013 Creative Special Education Program under contract with the Kennedy Center and its affiliate VSA.


The Arts Horizons Creative Special Education Program is a partnership between AH and NYC Department of Education District 75/Citywide (D75) to serve two groups of special needs children – those in special education classrooms and those in hospitals for extended stays.   Arts Horizons Teaching Artists facilitate interactive music, theater, movement and visual art workshops to promote quality arts education, support academic learning, and support rehabilitation for special needs students in an arts-rich, safe, creative, and emotionally uplifting environment.  Through standards based art education programs we anticipate reaching over 240 students with disabilities in NYC based hospitals and special education classrooms.    We are grateful and excited to continue our meaningful programs in arts in special education.  Stay tuned for more information as the programs begin!

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