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Swinging in the Gym On an unforgettable

Swinging in the Gym
On an unforgettable morning in 2000, Celeste Holm visited La Guardia High School in Manhattan to participate in a Swing dance workshop with the senior dance students. Legendary Lindy Hopper Frankie Manning taught the students some new moves and Celeste never stopped dancing with incredible verve and energy for over an hour. Then well into her 80s, she out-danced almost everyone in the room. Please donate to the Celeste Holm Memorial Fund and help students keep dancing!


Our “Fairy Godmother” One of Celeste`s

Our “Fairy Godmother”
One of Celeste`s best-known roles was that of the “Fairy Godmother” in the TV production of Cinderella. Celeste was certainly Arts Horizons’ “Fairy Godmother.” She worked tirelessly to open doors for us,constantly writing letters, making phone calls and introducing us to celebrities that we would never have met. We will never forget the difference she made to Arts Horizons through her devotion, inspiration and love of life and the arts. On behalf of the nine million children who have participated in unforgettable arts experiences thanks to the inspiration of Celeste Holm, we will remember her always. Help carry on her legacy by donating the the Celeste Holm Memorial Fund,

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