Spotlight: Early Childhood Programs @ PS 94X

Where did the summer go? We can’t believe it’s already September, and schools are back in session! Arts Horizons is pleased to announce the third post of a series in which we spotlight some of our early childhood and grant-based programs. We are thrilled to have had 6 teaching artist residencies with our longtime partner in the arts, PS 94X in the Bronx, during the spring which served all grades. AH teaching artists Reina Pelle and Silvana Marquina conducted Hip Hop and Step dance programs with Grades 3-5. In addition, we had residencies for Grades K-2 by AH teaching artists Pat Russell (Circus Arts), Navida Stein (Storytelling), Natalie Alleyne (Visual Arts), and Irene Koloseus (World Dance).

Visual Arts, Storytelling, Circus Arts, and Dance are all integral components of our comprehensive arts education programs for early childhood. Each of these highly interactive artist residencies is curriculum and standards-based to help our youngest students develop skills to participate in the arts, bolster arts literacy and creativity, and improve concentration and coordination. In addition, these programs help facilitate critical thinking skills by introducing students to the historical, social, and cultural aspects of the performing arts.

Irene – a versatile dancer and choreographer specializing in West African and Tap – taught four different World Dance styles to four classes of PS 94X’s youngest students! The residency culminated with a high-energy dance recital in which each class performed a short dance with movements drawn from Bollywood, Salsa, and Japanese traditional. Meanwhile, students in Natalie’s visual arts created a variety of paper hand puppets. AH Program Coordinator Kiran Rajagopalan visited both of their classes last spring. Let’s take a quick peek!

IK - PS 94X.gifIrene Koloseus leading her students in a traditional Japanese dance

IMG_6261 (Edited)Natalie Alleyne showing her young students how to make an paper animal puppet

Arts Horizons would like to thank Principal Diane DaProcida-Sesin and all of the teachers and staff at PS 94X for their amazing support and for so warmly welcoming us back into their school. As we reflect on our 40 years in arts education, we are grateful for fruitful and long-lasting relationships with partners like PS 94X who enable us to continue our mission of providing access to the arts for everyone in New York and New Jersey.

And finally, it is never too early to start planning for next school year with Arts Horizons! We offer high-quality arts education programs for a wide range of age groups ranging from early childhood to senior citizens and in a variety of artistic mediums including:  Visual Arts, Dance, Theater, Music, and New Media Technology. For further information, please contact Dena Malarek or Kiran Rajagopalan.

Department of NYC Residencies & Special Populations

Dena Malarek, Director
NY Phone: 212.268.7219 * 108
NJ Phone: 201.567.1766 * 108

Kiran Rajagopalan, Program Coordinator
NY Phone: 212.268.7219 * 113
NJ Phone: 201.567.1766 * 113

About Arts Horizons

Arts Horizons is a premier not-for-profit arts-in-education organization that provides live professional performances and artist-in-residence programs to students and professional development for teachers throughout the entire tri-state region. Our commitment is to make music, art, dance, theatre, new media and creative writing an integral part not only of learning, but of life. Through the transformative impact of the arts, we reach young people through many dimensions, breaking down the barriers of language and culture, accelerating personal growth, and stimulating children’s full potential to prepare them for life in the twenty-first century.

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