Spotlight: Overnight Summer Camp goes Virtual!

As we prepare to move into the fall and the new school year ahead of us, we take a moment to reflect on and celebrate our 2020 Virtual summer programs.  Arts Horizons had the great opportunity to partner with the Rural and Migrant Ministry (RMM)  for a virtual summer camp program centered around arts and activism.   The RMM Overnight Leadership camp has been in place for 30 years and this was the first virtual experience for campers, counsellors and families.  Arts Horizons was one of the partners to provide live-stream arts workshops during the day, live-stream evening family arts workshops and a series of pre-recorded arts workshops that could be accessed at any time.

Arts Horizons workshops met RMM goals of youth empowerment with arts workshops that nurture awareness, creativity, problem solving and leadership development.  Mr. Aaron Lazsnsky taught Graffiti as the ‘Art of Letter Bending.’   Students learned about the Graffiti movement in the early 70’s and stylistic changes as it evolved over time as a cultural art form.  Through a process of inquiry and writing prompts,  youth created their own works of art to amplify their messages. Even though the programs were virtual, Aaron taught livestream via ZOOM and used a multidisciplinary approach through music and visuals to energetically propel student messages with creativity.   

In the evening, Mr. D.Cross joined campers, counsellors and families livestream via ZOOM  in an  interactive Beatbox and Rap performance.  The audience was delighted by a lively event that included a brief history of Human BeatBoxing and participation in creating some basic sounds and techniques.  To make sure that everyone could have opportunities that fit their schedule, Arts Horizons also presented a series of pre-recorded opportunities that could be viewed at any time during the week of camp.  Even though we met together in the virtual realm, the spirit of arts and activism was clear.  We hope we may need to amplify this spirit onsight for the overnight leadership camp next summer.

The pandemic may have shifted us to a new normal, but arts education is here to stay! Arts Horizons’ virtual arts programs are highly interactive and can help bolster student engagement, creativity, and well being. For more information about our livestream, prerecorded, and hybrid virtual arts programs, please contact Dena Isles or Kiran Rajagopalan.

Department of NYC Residencies & Special Populations

Dena Isles, Director
NY Phone: 212.268.7219 * 108
NJ Phone: 201.567.1766 * 108

Kiran Rajagopalan, Program Coordinator
NY Phone: 212.268.7219 * 113
NJ Phone: 201.567.1766 * 113

About Arts Horizons

Arts Horizons is a premier not-for-profit arts-in-education organization that provides live professional performances and artist-in-residence programs to students and professional development for teachers throughout the entire tri-state region. Our commitment is to make music, art, dance, theatre, new media and creative writing an integral part not only of learning, but of life. Through the transformative impact of the arts, we reach young people through many dimensions, breaking down the barriers of language and culture, accelerating personal growth, and stimulating children’s full potential to prepare them for life in the twenty-first century.

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