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Online Auction with CHARITY BUZZ now Live

Arts Horizons has launched our first ever online auction with CHARITYBUZZ, live now through December 15th, 2020. Find the page for Arts Horizons on CHARITYBUZZ, start your bidding, and help spread the news of these unique works of art.

Our live auction includes limited edition serigraphs from the world renowned painter, Mr. LeRoy Neiman. Our featured artists also include: Natalie Alleyne, Ken Fury, Sangeetha Kowsik, and Tony Seeker/Claxon Du Soleil. When you hang this artwork, not only will you be immersed in the vibrant images, you will uphold a legacy of artists in service to schools and communities who continue to educate, heal, and unite during this time of crisis.

From our Family to Yours

As we approach this holiday season this 2020, Arts Horizons takes this moment to reflect on the many shifts we have all weathered this year. This has been a year of creative problem solving where artists have met the call to share expressions of artistry, culture, tradition, healing and shared creative experiences amidst a global pandemic. We are grateful for our school and community partners with whom we collaborate to combat social isolation and enhance learning through the arts. As we weather through the highs and lows of our 42nd year, we are grateful for our artist participants who will be the next generation of creative leaders for social change and innovation. We may currently see one another through tiny screens, but our team carries huge vision, heart, place for community and hope in these times. From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and healthy holiday season.

“The Confidence to Pursue all of My Dreams”

Decathlete and Olympic gold medalist, Dan O’Brien playing trumpet in 1982

Did you know that decathlete and Olympic gold medalist, Dan O’Brien, was a trumpet player, just like Arts Horizons’ founder John Devol? This week, Dan shared his support of Arts Horizons’ mission by highlighting an image of himself playing trumpet from 1982. Dan shares that, “I don’t know where I would be today without that courage. Music as a kid gave me the confidence to pursue all of my dreams.”

While Arts Horizons was founded in 1978, the year of Dan’s photograph, 1982, was actually the year of our incorporation as a non-profit organization! For 42 years, we have made the arts an essential component of education where students develop courage, confidence, focus, adaptability, creative problem solving, and are encouraged to push boundaries like that of an Olympian!

Arts Horizons Teaching Artist Aaron “SpazeCraft” Lazansky-Olivias echoed this sentiment. “That’s a testimony to all I work for in this field. I don’t care if a kid becomes the next Picasso of Joan Mitchell, nor the next Dr. Dre or Michael Jackson, my hope is that through the exploration of the arts, kids see their true potential in ALL they do in life. That is the truest reward I can get from doing this work, that I’ve helped another to open their book and start writing their story.”

Thank you to Dan for pledging your support of the arts. Thank you to our teaching artists for your service.

Arts Horizons asks for your support to help share our message, or donate in any amount, to help Arts Horizons bring professional teaching artists into virtual classrooms to instill confidence in our youth to pursue all of their dreams. Thank you for your help to CREATE A NEW HORIZON FOR ARTS HORIZONS.

A Message from Holt McCallany (from Netflix’s Mindhunter)

Holt McCallany, star of Netflix’s Mindhunter, shares how the arts have impacted his life and how the ‘arts are everything!’ An actor, writer, and producer, Holt tells how he was born into a family of artists. Listen to his message on why we must keep the arts in our schools and communities during this time.

Be part of the change with Arts Horizons as we educate, heal, and unite our schools and communities through the arts. Help us CREATE A NEW HORIZON FOR ARTS HORIZONS.

Learn more:

In a career spanning over 30 years, Holt McCallany has worked with some of the world’s best directors including David Fincher, Guillermo del Toro, David O’Russell, Guy Ritchie, William Friedkin, Lawrence Kasdan, Walter Hill, Clint Eastwood, Brian De Palma, and Michael Mann among others. Holt currently stars in the Netflix series Mindhunter where he plays Bill Tench, an FBI agent researching serial killers in the late 1970s. He also has roles in three upcoming films: Nightmare Alley by Academy Award winning director Guillermo del Toro, Cash Truck by Guy Ritchie and The Ice Road by Jonathan Hensleigh. Holt has appeared in memorable supporting roles in movies like Fight Club, Three Kings, Alien III, and Men of Honor to name a few. Born into a theatrical family, Holt’s father, Michael, was a Tony Award winning Broadway producer and his mother was the legendary cabaret singer Julie Wilson.

A Virtual Re-Launch at Sunshine Home

Arts Horizons is pleased to return the spotlight on our arts education programs under contract with John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ Department of VSA and Accessibility. Our programs for special education and hospital school’s use interactive music and visual art workshops to promote rehabilitation, learning and cultural experiences for special needs students in an arts-rich, safe, creative, and emotionally uplifting environment. The program merges the fields of art, healthcare, and academics, to create a space of comprehensive education, healing and expression for special needs students with extended, and in some cases residential, hospital stays.

Last year, Arts Horizons had been contracted for five arts residencies at District 75 and Hospital schools in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bronx through the VSA Arts Connect All – Workshop/Residency Program (AWR). The schools were:

  1. PS 188X @ PS 34X in the Bronx
  2. Hospital Schools @ Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn
  3. PS 721K @ Kingsbrook Hospital in Brooklyn
  4. Hospital Schools @ Richmond Hospital in Staten Island
  5. Sunshine Children’s Home & Rehabilitation Center in Ossining, NY
Tira Time music programs are now virtual, helping to build self-esteem and encourage social interaction through the language of song.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our planned music program at Sunshine Home with AH Teaching Artist Ms. Tira Bluestone was halted. We are truly grateful that the Kennedy Center has authorized us to relaunch this program this Fall as a virtual pre-recorded music residency. Tira recorded a total of 8 videos that were tailored specifically to each class and highlighted the Fall season in such creative ways! For example, the classic “Hello” song features Tira singing the names of each student. Tira also made up catchy songs about the leaves changing color, and infused humor in a song about being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving! Sunshine Home teachers shared their thoughts about Tira’s videos:

“The students really enjoyed Tira’s music program. It was great to see them light up and get excited when their name was mentioned…the students love hearing Tira’s voice and they responded to the familiar Hello song and their name when she sang those. Thank you Tira!” – Kathleen Hanlon, Special Education Teacher, PNW BOCES, Pinesbridge at Sunshine

We thank Ms. Susan Pinckney (Director of Social Work and Related Services), Ms. Kathy, Ms. Shannon, Ms. Megan, and Ms. Amanda for welcoming us back to Sunshine Home virtually. We also thank Ms. Stephanie Litvak of the Kennedy Center for helping make this re-launch possible.

The pandemic may have shifted us to a new normal, but arts education is here to stay! Arts Horizons’ virtual arts programs are highly interactive and help bolster student engagement, creativity, and well-being. Contact us for more information about our livestream, prerecorded, and hybrid virtual arts programs.

To learn more about Arts Horizons Virtual programs, please contact Kiran Rajagopalan, Director of NY Programs, 201-567-1766 * 113

“It was a Virtual Performance that our students will never forget!”

Arts Horizons’ virtual arts education programs bring the power of the arts back to our communities in a safe and responsible way! Our virtual live performances and workshops take our students on a journey through so many different artistic mediums and cultural traditions. We are pleased to share with you a recent livestream assembly at Drexel Avenue School in Westbury, NY.

This past October, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company presented their signature assembly performance, “Viva Mexico,” via livestream. Calpulli’s mission is to teach and produce dance-based programming incorporating live music and theater to promote the rich diversity of Mexican cultural heritage. Calpulli celebrates the rich, regional dance traditions of Mexico’s diverse cultural history interpreted through its unique artistic vision. The fresh, vital repertoire honors Mexico’s past and immigrant life in the United States.

Ms. Grisel Pren, Calpulli’s Associate Artistic Director, led the students through interactive dance routines and shared performance reels of folkloric dances to showcase the fascinating world of Mexico’s diverse cultures and artistic traditions. Gregg Brenner from Drexel Avenue School Music department shared:

“The performance by Viva Mexico was fantastic! Our students at Drexel Avenue School enjoyed the lively interactive portion of the show. The dances were very engaging and our students learned a lot about different regions and cultures in Mexico. It was a virtual performance that our students will never forget!”

To learn more about Arts Horizons Virtual programs or to book an assembly, please contact Gloria Page, Program Manager of Performances:, 201-567-1766 * 120

A Message from our Founder John Devol

Arts Education needs you NOW! Join us as we launch our new campaign to CREATE A NEW HORIZON FOR ARTS HORIZONS from November 1st through December 15th, 2020.

Our founder, John Devol, shares a message in this new video highlighting the rich 42 year-old history of Arts Horizons and describes how, despite the incredible challenges of these times, our artists have found new ways to reach students through virtual workshops, interactive assemblies and family programming.

We hope you may help us sustain and grow John Devol’s vision for Arts Horizons. We invite you to follow and join in our campaign. Become an #ArtsChangemaker as together, we educate, heal and unite our schools and communities through the arts.

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