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Boyertown Art Advocacy

Art programs in schools are being cut all over the country, and if they haven’t been already – it seems it may be only a matter of time.  While this is the grim reality, so many organizations, schools, artists and advocates have come together to rally and get the message out of the importance of the arts.  This energy is sweeping into our lives and our inboxes, with messages fighting back, and rising above the adversity – getting to the core – that ARTS EDUCATION is ESSENTIAL for all. Art advocates have embraced Facebook and Twitter to build strong campaigns and YouTube is no exception.

Students at Boyertown High School in Pennsylvania created a video to show the School Board Finance Committee the importance of the arts, and the resonant impact it has on their students both as individuals and as a collective.  The goal of this video was to STOP the Boyertown High School School Board Finance Committee from cutting their art programs.  Thier video made it to YouTube, and we are thankful it did.  The students at Boyertown High School have social media to carry their message on. What are you doing to advocate for the arts in YOUR community!?

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