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Spotlight: Vickie Fremont in Fordham University @ PS 85X

Noted fashion designer, anthropologist, and recycled materials artist Ms. Veronique “Vickie” Fremont has been an AH teaching artist for over eight years.  Fluent in five languages (French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian), Vickie is a highly effective arts educators for English Language Learners (ELLs).  She has just finished an AH in-school visual arts residency at PS 85 in partnership with Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education in the Fordham Heights neighborhood of the Bronx.  Ms. Joyce Griffen, another AH teaching artist who has been working with us since 2009, is also currently working with PS 85 students in a storytelling program.  Joyce is an accomplished actress, jazz vocalist and director with extensive experience in special education.

Arts Horizons is pleased to enter our second year at PS 85 in partnership with the Fordham Center for Educational Partnerships initiative with Community Schools.  This continues a longstanding relationship working with the students and educators at PS 85 that dates back to 2007.

AH’s new program coordinator, Kiran Rajagopalan, visited one of Vickie’s classes earlier in January at PS 85.  Let’s visit one of her classes

accordion-book-and-storyAn “Accordion Book” by one of Vickie’s students

Vickie’s AH residency was aimed at PS 85’s ELL students primarily in grades 3 and 4.  She focused on bookmaking so that students had ample opportunities to practice writing in English.  In the picture above, Vickie is holding some examples of “The Book of Diversity” created by her students using recycled materials such as cloth scraps, beads, and yarn.  Students were also instructed to draw a self-portrait and write on where they come from and how they are learning English inside the books.  This was just one of several books the students made during the residency!  Other projects included:  “The Book of the Favorite Words,” “Book Accordion,” and “Mobile Book.”

Vickie also used her proficiency in Spanish to great effect, and she conducted her classes in both English and Spanish so that communication was clear for each and every student.  Mr. Carlos Torres, a teacher at PS 85, was very appreciative of having an visual arts program for students because it “really makes a difference with academic[s]” as it “engages their creativity and relaxes their minds to learn.”  Vickie added that her residencies are designed to encourage students to “discover the connection between the hand and creativity.”

img_7047-editedStudents at work in PS 85X with Vickie (left) and Carlos (right)

Port Authority Bus Terminal Project Headlined on NYC Dept. of Education Home Page

PABT wordpress

On July 10, 2013, Arts Horizons’ Port Authority Bus Terminal Art on the Horizons mural was featured on the New York City Department of Education website Home Page.  It will be shown several times during the next month.  The mural was unveiled on June 19 by Paul King, Executive Director of Arts and Special Projects for the Department of Education, who said that the website feature is “a wonderful tribute to this project.”

Read an excerpt of the “In Our Schools Today” article below:

Port Authority Commuters Treated
to Student Art

Fourth and fifth grade students from PS 94 in the Bronx pointed in excitement when they saw Art on the Horizons, a huge, color-saturated collage measuring 18’ x 6’, hanging in the entrance of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. They created the piece in partnership with students from the Mount Vernon Elementary School in Newark, NJ and the Arts Horizons LeRoy Neiman Art Center in Harlem.

Click here to read the full story

2013-14 Digital School and Community Guide released

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Art and Technology Programs with The Williamsburg Magnet School for Communication and Multimedia Arts

Our collaboration with Public School 250K supports the school’s initiative to expand student learning through creative technologies and merges academics, new media technology and the arts. Our 2011-2012 program was designed for early Childhood Students, Kindergarten through Grade 2, to offer a sequential introduction to technology that matches student development and academic learning. By introducing technology in the school, students and teachers expand resources to augment learning, give new forums for creatively exploring our school themes to prepare the school community to be creative innovators in the 21st century. We thank the school administrator, teachers, staff and students for your creativity, support, and enthusiasm during our 20122-2012 programs!

Kindergarten – Digital Photography
“Our Community”

Teaching Artist: Lauren Rutten

Five, Kindergarten Classes participated in a 9 week program with teaching artist Lauren Rutten in Digital Photography. Students learned about the historical significance of cameras and the role of photographers to prepare their own study of photography while investigating the school community at 250K. using digital Cameras, students learned the basics of camera use while exploring framing, and selecting photographs to coney their community stories. Students created a final book to showcase their digital photography talents, skills and creativity.

1st Grade – Photo Storytelling
“Our Neighborhood Community”

Teaching Artist: Chelsea Manifold

Six, 1st Grade Classes participated in a 9 week program. Through the photo Storytelling residency, students expanded proficiency with digital camera use and computer laptops to explore how ‘movement’ can be achieved with still pictures. Classes conducted their photo investigation both in the classroom and out in the neighborhood community. Various elements of the community (buildings, landscapes, people, traffic) required students to utilize their understanding of the elements of taking a picture. The first grade students worked to select images that effectively communicate their stories and will showcase their learning and talents by creating a dynamic video montage of their efforts.

2nd Grade – Animation “Transportation”

Teaching Artist: Chelsea Manifold

Five, 2nd Grade Classes participated in a 9 week program in Animation. Using Stop Motion, webcams, computer laptops and animation software, students build further sophistication in media and technology literacy and learn to communicate their theme of transportation in an exciting and fun new medium. Each student becomes a ‘crew member’ and learns about production teams by participating as directors, computer operators, and animators in the creation of their animated video chapter. Each second grade class worked on a separate chapter of the overall film, depicting the theme of transportation including trolley cars, automobiles, motorcycles, bridges and trains. The final video showcases the efforts, new kills and talents of the second grade through video animation.

About The Teaching Artists

Lauren Rutten:
Lauren, a professional photographer since 1986 has an extensive portfolio career working in documentary, event and portrait photography. She received her Masters of Art at NYU & International Center of Photography. Her vast teaching experience ranges from early childhood through collegiate level instruction including working as the lead artist with CAYR (Arts Horizons Creative Alternatives for Youth at Risk) and NJ State Council on the Arts Artists in Education Grants. Lauren’s photography reflects her deep appreciation of everyday life and seeks to connect and inspire others through her art.

Chelsea Manifold:
Chelsea Manifold brings over eight year’s experience working in the entertainment industry and education fields. Her work in Stop Motion Animation has been sought after by clients including Sony, Comb-Over Productions, Motorola and is presented in feature movies, independents, commercials, television and stage. Chelsea has extensive teaching and curriculum development expertise in media literacy, digital media and video production. Her work experience spans students in elementary, middle, high schools, special education, college, and continuing education students. Chelsea strives to combine the highest level of professionalism with a joy of learning to produce superior quality work while working closely with students and clients alike.

For more information about this program contact Dena Malarek, Director of NYC Residencies and Special Populations at

AIE West Caldwell Graphic Arts Residency

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For the third annual “Student to Student Mentoring” program, mentors from James Caldwell High School were paired up with students from Washington Elementary School. This year, the program promotes literacy within the district by pairing 21 special education high school students with 28 special education elementary students for a letter writing campaign and a shared interest in reading.

In addition to this year’s new literacy theme, the program was steered in a fun creative direction. Sponsored by the Caldwell-West Caldwell Education Foundation, the program’s expansion allowed the student mentors to write children’s books that were later illustrated by students enrolled in the James Caldwell High School’s computer graphics classes. The classes were led by art teacher, Mea Amacher with support from resident artist, writer and illustrator, Irene Kelly.

An Artist -in-Education (AIE) grant funded the book project and was secured by Robin Keil, the program’s advisor and special education teacher and Amacher. The AIE program is carried out through a partnership between the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, a Partner Agency of the national Endowment for the Arts, and a consortium made up of Arts Horizons and Young Audiences New Jersey.

The finished children’s books will be on display at the Caldwell Public Library in March 2012.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” School Mosaic Mural Makeover!

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David Brearley Middle School is housed on the second floor of David Brearley High School located in Kenilworth, NJ.  Although they have their very own mascot, the middle school lacks identity.  The Art Teacher, Janice Marsili decided to write an AIE grant to energize the Middle School 2nd floor with personality and distinction.  “The whole idea was to create an identity for the middle school,” Marsili explained to Leslie Murray of the Cranford Chronicle.

Thanks to Ms. Marsili’s efforts – the grant funded an artist in residence from Arts Horizons, Julie Deery, middle school and high school students, and David Brearley teachers created a 68′ long mosaic mural to be the new face of the Middle School.  The mural is “an artistic interpretation of the journey from childhood to young adulthood that student’s take as they move through the middle school,” said Murray.

Using a strategic artistic approach, the David Brearley community transformed what was just an upper level floor in a high school to an identity space of beautiful art.  Using crash glass, tiles,  fired ceramic and paint, an idea was bought to life.  The project’s theme was based on  Mahatma Gandhi quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world” and is also featured in the mural.  The mural and its theme is a great way to inspire the students as they walk the hall each day.

We at Arts Horizons would like to congratulate the mural team at David Brearley on their creativity and teamwork in the mural completion.  If you would like to read more about this project and its process, please click here for an article found on written by Leslie Murray.

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