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Elizabeth Halverstam & Frank Basile Talk Arts Horizons 35th Anniversary Gala on Internet Radio

The internet radio show was recorded by Elizabeth Halverstam, Executive Director of Arts Horizons and Frank Basile, husband of our late Chairman, Celeste Holm, who talk about Arts Horizons and our 35th Anniversary Gala on Monday, October 22nd.

Click here to listen to the interview and learn more about our 35th Anniversary Gala

In Remembrance of Celeste Holm

Celeste Holm, Arts Horizons ‘ beloved Chairman for fifteen years and most recently our Chairman Emeritus, passed away peacefully at her Central Park West apartment last Sunday. The Academy-award winning actress of stage and screen was best known for her creation of the role of “Ado Annie” in the original Broadway production of “Oklahoma” and her Oscar-winning performance in “Gentleman’s Agreement,” with Gregory Peck.

One of Ms. Holm’s most popular roles was the Fairy Godmother in the TV production of “Cinderella”. And she was indeed Arts Horizons’ Fairy Godmother. She was the core of our organization and our shining star. Since 1995, and more recently with the help of her husband Frank Basile, she has supported us in ways too numerous to mention. We shall miss her tremendously – her laughing eyes, her wonderful smile
and her incredibly generous heart.

Her deep love and passion for the arts will continue to inspire young people for generations to come. Donations to Arts Horizons may be made in her memory, to celebrate her life and her commitment to arts education.

In memory of Ms. Holm, the marquees of Broadway theatres in New York will be dimmed on Wednesday, July 18th, at exactly 8:00 p.m. for one minute.

Celeste Holm Photo Retrospective – on YouTube

Everyone’s Getting Excited!

On September 12, 2011,  Arts Horizons hosted a Benefit Committee Reception at the home of Chairman Emeritus and 2011 honoree Celeste Holm. The evening was filled with good food, good wine and great company.  In attendance were Co-Chairs of this year’s Gala Barbara Sellinger and Jo Standish along with Chairman of the Board Peter Culver, Trustees Donna Esteves, Rozanne Gold, Patricia Palermo, Jan Prokop and Founder, John Devol.

This annual event is hosted by Chairman Emeritus Celeste Holm, as an opportunity to get everyone excited about the Gala.  In true class, Ms. Holm took pictures with her star struck guest in her beautiful Manhattan apartment. Guests included awarded winning cookbook author Arthur Schwartz, Grammy Award nominee violinist Phillippe Quint and Jewelry Designer/Benefit Committee member  Norma Wellington.

As guest mingled, they became more familiar with each other and Arts Horizons.  This year Arts Horizons was excited to announce the launch of their new gala website, produced by E-Journal.  The venture was inspired by society’s effort to go green.  Realizing that there was a more eco-friendly and efficient way to serve not only their organization but their environment was the next step in continuing their success. The website is up and running and the organization hopes to increase their exposure for financial support.

The Benefit Committee which is made up of NY and NJ professionals volunteer their time to work with the organization in ensure that the Gala is a success. Members include E. Jean Ward, David Grossman, Kay J. Wright and Liz Roditi. They research sponsors, request donations and organize auctions; the list is endless but the reward is great.  Every sponsorship, journal ad, auction item helps Arts Horizons to continue their work to transform lives.

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To view more from the evening, click here for photos taken by photographer Donald Hamburg.

To learn more about opportunities to support Arts Horizons, please visit or call 888-522-ARTS.

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