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We Are All Artists of Some Sort

SHFT is a multi-media platform founded by film producer Peter Glatzer and actor-filmmaker Adrian Grenier. SHFT’s mission is to convey a more sustainable approach to the way we live through video, design, art and culture. [SOURCE]

Arts Horizons assembly and teaching artist Greg Vande Hey was interviewed for SHFT’s Gardens NYC video series.  In the video Greg admits that he doesn’t paint as much as he used to because of his two young children but gardening has become his canvas.

Towards the end of the video Greg mentions that “every single person is an artist of some sort,” which is a statement that we completely agree with.  We are all more then capable of creating.  Most of the time, we are thinking creatively and using artistic skills without even being aware of it.  There is an artist inside of each and everyone of us.  Own it!

Art on Stage! Performs at Campbell Elementary School

On March 15th, Freestyle Arts transformed Campbell Elementary School’s gymnasium into a full on art studio as they presented Art On Stage!,an AH visual art assembly. From New York City to Metuchen, NJ the  group traveled with paint, brushes, canvases, wood, drills and studio lights.  The Freestyle Arts duo was set and ready to get started but before creating on-the-spot artwork with the students, Greg Vande Hey and his partner Leviticus encouraged them to embrace their inner artist.

As a result of two back-to-back programs, four visual art pieces were produced. Collectively, the Freestyle Arts team and the student audience created two canvas paintings and two sculptures, which the Principal mentioned would be displayed around the school. See pictures of the artwork below.

Art On Stage! is not only interactive and fun but the students at Campbell Elementary learned a lot about making art, art history and self-expression through art. To learn more about Art On Stage! and to book it for your school contact:

Melissa Patterson
Program Coordinator
(201) 567 – 1766  x 117

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