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Through the Eyes of an Artist: Ronnie Brandt


I want to send a Thank you to Arts Horizons for sending me to the John A. Coleman school in New York city where I recently performed for two groups of children. In my 30 years as a performing musician, this was the most humbling and amazing  experience of my professional ( and personal)  life. These kids were all special needs children bound in wheel chairs and unable to express themselves in the traditional sense, nothing could have prepared me for what was truly an inspiring event. These kids are the greatest and the staff and faculty there wonderful , dedicated and giving.

I left there that day feeling grateful that I could share my talent with these kids and that it brought them joy and laughter.The importance of cultural arts programs and their effectiveness cannot be discounted on any level.

My program “This Land is your Land, a History Hoe-down” presents history through a live musical performance, on this particular day though, it was these amazing children who gave ME a very strong and inspiring lesson in life. I simply cannot find the right words to express my gratitude. So again I will simply say, thank you.

Educationally yours;

Ronnie Brandt – Singer Songwriter
Children’s Educational Assemblies

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