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#MoveOverCovid – Celebrating DANCE Week in April

Arts Horizons says “Move Over Covid!” because it’s Dance Week! A long day of Zoom meetings and virtual classes can be exhausting, and our high-energy, fun, and interactive dance programs can help re-energize the mind and body! Our virtual, in-person, and hybrid dance programs are great for students, teachers, and families and are fully customizable to your programming and budgeting needs.


Our live performance programs are one time events perfect for large audiences.

Additional Performances Programs Include:

African Rhythm Tap * The Art of Chinese Dance * The Dances of India ** 100 Years of Popular Dance * Red Hawks Native American Dancers


Plan a visit to West Africa and the Caribbean through dance with Ms. Reina Pelle as she gets you moving through a sizzling mix of Soca, Dance Hall, Reggaeton, Bachata, Merengue, and much more!

Zumba® with Dawn
Have fun with the whole family while working up a sweat! Get in your cardio for the day with Ms. Dawn Crandell’s high-energy Zumba® dance program.

Dance Around the World with Suzi
How would you like to take a trip around the world through? Explore dance styles from Italy, Mexico, China, India, and so many other countries with Ms. Suzi Tipa as your guide!

Creative Movement for Early Childhood with Irene
Get the little ones moving with Irene’s creative movement program for kids in Pre-K to 2nd grade! Irene’s signature blend of dance and percussion is sure to keep them engaged and to help them develop key motor coordination skills.

Dance workshops are available for groups of 30 participants or less and can be scheduled consecutively for different grade levels or age groups. Workshops can be designed for Families as well.

Additional DANCE WORKSHOPS include:
Afro-Brazilian & Capoeira * Indian Classical Dance * Break Dance * Step Dance * Latin Dance * West African Dance

These programs are part of ‘Arts Horizons at a Distance,’ our specialized virtual and hybrid programs in response to the pandemic. Additional arts programs can be customized for your audience including Improv Comedy, Collaborative Murals for Mental Health, Songwriting Circles and more!
(Logos by Ms. Sangeetha Kowsik, of IhsanIshan Design)

For more information about our virtual program offerings, please contact:

Kiran Rajagopalan, Director of New York Programs 
201-567-1766 ext. 113

Gloria Page, Manager of Performances 201-567-1766 ext.

Stephanie Bostic, Manager of NJ Program 201-567-1766 ext.

March is Music in our Schools Month, Spotlight on Hip Hop Connections

Arts Horizons believes that all students should have access to music in our schools and communities. This is why we have taken our music workshops and performance programs into the virtual classroom and performance venues! Music education programs inspire the next generation of creative leaders as students develop artistry, cooperative skills, cultural knowledge and an understanding of the universal language of music.

We are excited to spotlight one of Arts Horizons most popular live performance assembly groups, Soul Inscribed, a Hip Hop and Spoken Word collective led by Baba Israel (emcee/production) and Grace Galu (vocalist). Virtual programs incorporate a combination of live presentation, special video clips, music, dancers, graphics, multiple camera angles and feature different guest artists. The program is a big hit with our virtual school audiences:

“We ABSOLUTELY enjoyed yesterday’s event. It was super cool. Baba, you and Rocka Jamez were amazing! I love how you incorporated the kids’ words into your freestyle, the time machine traveling to different eras going back to the blues to jazz to rock with Jimi Hendrix and funk & soul. It was so educational and interesting to hear the origins of hip hop culture. The tie-in to black history month which is implemented in our school’s curriculum was well appreciated by our teachers and principal.”

Enjoy this trailer that presents an overview of the exciting virtual music education programs. AH Virtual Assembly – Hip Hop Connection by Soul Inscribed (Trailer)

Virtual Programs Include:

  • HIP HOP CONNECTIONS- A live Hip Hop assembly that is interactive and focuses on Hip Hop history, music, rap, and dance. 
  • FROM BLUES TO HIP HOP – A live program celebrating the history of the Blues and its connection to Hip Hop Culture.
  • SONIC BOOM – An interactive assembly that teaches out about music production, live looping, film scoring, and visual effects with music.

Book this amazing group now for a virtual livestream assembly today!  For more information, contact Gloria Page, Program Manager of Performances,

About the artists: Baba Israel is a Hip-Hop performing artist who has toured across the United States, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. He has performed with Full Circle on Broadway at the New Victory Theater, was ‘stung” on MTV’s Hip Hop practical joke show with Method Man and Red Man and was featured on BET’s 106 & Park. As an arts educator, Baba has conducted workshops in Hip-Hop Poetry, improvisational theatre and music production at places such as The Door, Urban World and El Puente.  Baba teaches masterclasses in Beatboxing, Emceeing, Spoken Word, Improvisational Theatre, Directing, and Music production.  He also offers professional development in networking skills, youth leadership, and digital development. 

Grace Galu is a vocalist, guitarist, and composer who combine the sounds of her Irish and Congolese heritage with a soulful and gritty twist. For the last 15 years, Grace has been performing regularly at many of New York’s most notable venues; Webster Hall, the Waldorf Astoria, Beacon theater, The Bowery Poetry Club, The Highline Ballroom, The Nuyorican and the Blue Note, to name a few. She has been featured on the albums of Top $ Raz, Kala, Rabbi Darkside, Queen Rose and Tom & Collins. She is a lead vocalist of the band Soul Inscribed.

Internet Safety with WinceyCo

WINCEY TERRY-BRYANT, NJ native and founder of Winceyco, has been using music and drama to educate audiences about school curricula and social issues since 1988. Wincey has been an Arts Horizons teaching artist since 2006 and offers an extensive repertoire which is now adapted for virtual and hybrid programs!   Offerings include arts-integration professional development training for teachers as well as performances in African Heritage/Black History, Women’s History, Latin Heritage, Anti-Bullying, Character Education, and many others. Programs align with the National Core to teach the regular school curriculum through live musical stage plays, dance, and dramatic storytelling.

Arts Horizons is excited to share Wincey’s latest virtual programs that include live interactive segments, call and response songs and lively animated scenes.  WinceyCo has a new and important series that help us learn more about internet safety.  Now that we are spending so much of our time online, both students and families can benefit from these interactive programs.


Traffick Jam (3-5)

Kids spend anywhere from 6-10 hours online EVERY DAY. Games, videos, and even online learning platforms make them susceptible to online predators. This Winceyco arts-infused program uses animated scenes and music to teach your students about internet safety.

Safe Surf (6-12)

Not only will your middle and high school students be surprised to find Ms. Wincey hanging out in cyberspace, but they’ll be shocked to learn who else is waiting for them out there in the world wide web.

Wincey has worked throughout the music and film business with such industry giants as Spike Lee, Bill Cosby, Sting, and Tina Turner. Terry’s television credits include Soul Train, Arsenio Hall, and David Letterman. Her voice can be heard on Sesame Street, Grover Washington Jr’s live cd, Monie Love’s hit single “Its A Shame”, and Cosby show commercials. Wincey is the author of 3 children’s CD book sets on bullying, character, and safety, as well as a cartoon DVD on African American history.  Wincey serves as the Arts co-chair for the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking and former VP of Zonta International Women’s Organization, Wincey has been awarded the Civil Rights Activist Award by Women in Media and the Future is Female Award by A Life Recycled for her work in Human Trafficking awareness, as well as the Woman of the Year award by Kiss FM Radio for her innovative children’s programs.

For more information or booking please contact Gloria Page, Program Manager, at 201-567-1766 x 120 or .

Please consider supporting Arts Horizons.

Special September Discounts!

In honor of National Arts In Education Week and the start of the new school year, Arts Horizons is offering a limited time discount!!

The pandemic may have shifted us to a new normal, but arts education is here to stay! Arts Horizons’ virtual arts programs are highly interactive and help bolster student engagement, creativity, and well-being. Contact us for more information about our livestream, prerecorded, and hybrid virtual arts programs and take advantage of this limited time offer!

Arts Horizons Goes Virtual

It has been almost four months since the NYC School district shut down schools on March 16th, 2020 secondary to COVID-19.   In this time, Arts Horizons has  weathered many shifts in online learning as we have formulated, and re-formulated,  new paradigms of teaching and learning in the arts.   Our collaborative art spaces, performance stages, dance and music studios have shifted into our apartments and living rooms.  Yet, we have been able to maintain and build community; to nurture the role of teaching artists as mentors, collaborators and role models.   We are grateful to our students, families, teachers,  schools and community partners to continue our communities of learning.   We are grateful for all of our teaching artists who have brought a whole new sense of creative problem solving to the virtual classroom.  Arts Horizons forges ahead into our  42nd year as a non-profit arts-in-education organization that enhances the lives of people of all ages and abilities by creating equitable opportunities to engage in the arts.  

Arts Horizons now offers live, pre-recorded and hybrid programs on virtual platforms such as Google Classrooms, Microsoft Teams, ZOOM and more.  Between March and June of 2020, we have had the opportunity to present live virtual programs for NYC schools and communities including digital arts technology, graffiti art, poetry for students with autism.  We have presented customized pre-recorded programs including 10-part series for multi-cultural dance including West African Dance, Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance), Breakdancing, Step Dance, Shim Sham, Irish Dance, Hula and other dances around the world.  We have led programs in recyclable arts, family fitness and specialized programs for special education including the family at home.   What remains the hallmark of our programs is the collaborative process that expresses itself even in this online format – each program manifests in its own unique shape and size.   Our process unites the educational goals, artistic process and individualized student/classroom goals to present a curated arts-in-education experience.  

 Teaching Artist, Pat Russell and Special Education Arts Teacher, Nina Crupiti-Kanjo collaborate virtually for special education students.

The  state of virtual learning has extreme limitations and exposes great inequalities of access.  This is precisely why Arts Horizons is committed to co-creating programs specific to the needs of each student and each site.   Programs may need to be adjusted for the learner accessing schoolwork via cell phone, the learner that may be accessing schoolwork  at all hours of the day, our learners experiencing the significant trauma that this time presents.  Yet, it is precisely the arts that can best support this paradigm shift of education during COVID-19.  It is the arts which will engage our young people to increase interest in learning.   It is the arts that may encourage a shared family experience led by a professional arts educator.  It is the arts that will nurture our young artists to be the creative leaders for social change and innovation.   It is our network professional teaching artists and school educators that may be the mentor to help individual students in this time of crisis.  It is our community of artists and educators that will be a leading voice for arts-in-education in a global pandemic.

For further information, please contact Dena Isles or Kiran Rajagopalan.

Department of NYC Residencies & Special Populations

Dena IslesDirector
NY Phone: 212.268.7219 * 108
NJ Phone: 201.567.1766 * 108

Kiran RajagopalanProgram Coordinator
NY Phone: 212.268.7219 * 113
NJ Phone: 201.567.1766 * 113

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